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by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 9, 2010

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Blog Talk Radio and the Audio Snob

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If there was ever an episode that I was a little self conscious about releasing, it would be this episode of Podcast Answer Man. I'm not sure how many times I confessed that I'm an audio snob, but it was a lot. Please know that when I share my thoughts in my podcasts, I share the real me and my own thoughts and opinions. I have a strong desire to see people take their podcasts to the next level when it comes to content, quality, and engagement with their audience.

At times, I think I forget that I didn't just start running in this arena. I started small, with horrible sounding audio, and I slowly added new pieces of audio equipment along the way to get to the level of audio quality where I am today. Heck, one only needs to go back into the archives of this very podcast to hear me talk about how excited I was about my MXL 990 condenser microphone back in the day. Today, when I hear someone get excited about their condenser microphone, I cringe. I don't mean to place judgment on those podcasters, it's just I have learned, from experience, that there are better ways to spend one's money on new equipment.

Anyway, I share this episode with the world, as everything I said, is exactly what I truly feel about the subject matter discussed. I never have and never will subscribe to an audio podcast where the host of the show is in telephone audio quality and I'm not a fan of condenser microphones as the echo in the host's voice is less appealing than the other content choices that are out there for me.

Please forgive me for being the audio snob that I am.

In this episode, I cover the following topics:
* How do I change the category for my podcast in iTunes?
* How do I feel about accepting payments via PayPal?
* How do I feel about Blog Talk Radio and other services like it?
* Be sure to check out the Adobe Audition 101 on the Products Page.

Be sure to tune in next week when I share some constructive criticism that I have received about this podcast.

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