171 Help I Got A Mac – The Episode Cliff Deleted

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 7, 2011

in Help I Got A Mac

In this week’s episode, I fly solo once again. However, it is TOTALLY MY FAULT. I actually deleted the original recording of the podcast that I did with my co-host, Chris Beiting, when I formatted my SD card without first transferring the file to my computer.

I did my best to recreate as much of the content that was originally shared, as possible.

This episode touches on the following:

  • Lion Gold Master is released to developers – http://goo.gl/giQNV
  • Will Your Apps Work WIth Lion? – http://goo.gl/gqNt9
  • New Skype for Mac update – http://goo.gl/wZg1c
  • John says that there will be TextExpander like Shortcuts in iOS5
  • Crissy from Long Island says that she likes the ByLine app for rss reading.
  • Murray was upset to learn that he could not renew his Apple Care.
  • My experience with the Apple Store repair on my computer.
  • Creating a boot disc copy of my drive with SuperDumer for backup?
  • Daniel’s concern about iCloud and multiple Apple ID’s

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