177 Help I Got A Mac – Lion Is Buggy But Lovable

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 18, 2011

in Help I Got A Mac

In this episode of Help I Got A Mac, Cliff and Chris discuss the following:

  • Cliff upgrades to Lion and looses two hours of work.
  • Mac 10.7.1 is out, but doesn't address what caused Cliff's issues.
  • iPhone 5 Rumor of Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 to open September 30th.
  • Google buys Motorola Mobility – http://goo.gl/0I6ZM
  • Best Buy Hates The HP Touchpad.
  • Old Macbooks Die Hard.
  • Feedback on Windows Machine Installations.
  • Advice on MacBook Pro 13″ v/s 15″ for business.

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