184 Podcast Answer Man – Leo LaPorte Says Audio Is What People Really Want!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 4, 2010

in Podcast Answer Man

Topics Covered In This Episode:
– Episode 130 was titled Leo Laporte Makes 1.5 Million From Podcasting – Link Here
– Episode 133 was titled Leo Laporte Admits That Nobody Cares About Video – Link Here
– Episode 180 was titled Why I Prefer Audio Over Video Podcasts – Link Here
– Today’s episode is titled Leo Laporte Says Audio Is What People Really Want
– Leo Laporte’s thoughts on the Heil PR-40 Microphone.
– Jeff wants to know if I would listen to a podcast with his Shure SM-58 audio quality.
– Steve wants to know my thoughts on stats for his website and podcast episodes.
– Why are only ten podcast episodes showing in iTunes?
– DropIO is shut down, now what?
– Podcast Ethics – Giving Credit To Your Sources!
– Power of Podcasting For Your Business Video – http://podcastanswerman.com/business
– New Studio Redesign: http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/studiosetup
– Equipment Setup & Podcasting Workflow Webinar: http://studiosetup.eventbrite.com
– Thesis Webinar: http://thesis-setup.eventbrite.com
– Mindmapping Webinar: Discount Code “GSPN” will get you 10% off! https://gspn.tv/mindmaptraining

Podcast Hosting:
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