186 Podcast Answer Man – Are You Willing To Step Up And Be A Leader?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 23, 2010

in Podcast Answer Man

Topics Covered In This Episode:
– My blog post about my hosting issues at https://gspn.tv/godaddy.
– Spend less time marketing your podcast and more time making it better.
– Anyone has the potential to stand up and be a leader.
– It is possible to make a living with a tribe of only 1,000 people.
– Question about the Behringer MDX4600 Compressor/Limiter/Gate.
– Lots of new video tutorials posted to my products page.
– Interview with Dr. Thomas Lamar.

Note: The insights I shared in this episode were inspired by the following video

Interview with Dr. Thomas Lamar:
Dr. Thomas Lamar is a perfect example of someone who had a passion and a desrie for a niche topic. While he did not set out to ultimately build a tribe where he would be looked up to as a leader, that is exactly what has happened. I hope that you enjoy this inspirational story that is just another example of what is possible when you are willing to stand up and be a leader in a particular field.

Dr. Lamar's podcast website: http://spinalcolumnradio.com
Dr. Lamar's chiropractic practice website: http://anchorchiropractic.net

Check out the ways in which Dr. Lamar is promoting his podcast to his patient base and local community: (Link Here)

Check out how Dr. Lamar educates his listening audience on podcasting: (Link Here)

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