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by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 20, 2011

in Podcast Answer Man

In this episode cover the following topics:
– How To Use A Heil Microphone for Webinars (Rich Avery)
– How do you determine the pricing for webinars and digital products? (Gorden Firemark)
– How do you add a Subscribe With iTunes Button on WordPress.com? (Troy Price)
– Jason asked why caption ID is showing up in the description of iTunes for the episodes.
– Is there a cheap solution for recording phone interviews? (Jason)
– Plus Member Feedback from Jeremiah
– Additional Thoughts On Bloated RSS Feeds. (John Wilkerson)
– More thoughts on recording in the car.
– Be sure the JOIN THE COMMUNITY at http://gspncommunity.com
– Read about Plus Membership at https://gspn.tv/plus
– Not to late to get in on the cruise at https://gspn.tv/cruise
– Webinar on How I’ve earned Income at http://goo.gl/KTshI
– Email me at [email protected] if you would like to participate in the 5 week training course on Podcasting.

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