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by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 16, 2011

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Celebrating Six Years of Podcasting!
It was December 16th, 2005 when I published my very first audio podcast to the web. Little did I know that this event would radically transform my life. I started off this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man with my thoughts from six years of creating audio content for the web and building a community and business around it.

Random Highlight
I wanted to send my congratulations to Jenn Swanson on the launch of her new podcast at CommunicationDiva.com. If you listen to her first episode, you'll learn that just a few short months ago, she didn't even know what blogging was all about, let alone the world of podcasting. To see her online presence today should inspire anyone who's been stuck with the paralysis by analysis.

You Simply MUST Listen To Episode 116 of Social Media Serenity
As I mentioned in this episode, I spent great deal of time talking with my co-host, Erik J. Fisher, about the LiveFyre commenting system and the amazing opportunities that Twitter's new embedded tweets now offers to those of us who produce content for the web.

I highly suggest that everyone listen to episode 116 of Social Media Serenity. It is almost as if you have the benefit of a whole additional episode of Podcast Answer Man this week.

Static Home Page or Dynamic List of Recent Posts?
Tim called to ask what the benefits and drawbacks of having a static home page are compared to having the home page of your site simply list the most recent posts that you have made to your site. In the episode, I gave some thoughts on this subject and shared why I almost always have the most recent posts listed as my home page on PodcastAnswerMan.com.

Interview With Greg Willits
In this week's “Where Are They Now?” interview, I talk with Greg Willits. If first learned about Greg, and his wife Jennifer Willits back in 2005 when I started listening to their Rosary Army Podcast, which happened to be the word's first Catholic organization to the podcasting platform.

One of the most interesting things about my relationship with Greg and Jennifer, and the content they produced, is that I am not Catholic. By listening to my conversation with Greg, you will learn why I fell in love with the content they produced and how it was a major source of inspiration for the Family From The Heart podcast.

In August of 2008, after three years of podcasting, Greg and Jennifer were offered a full-time position as radio show hosts for The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Today, you can still hear Greg and Jennifer every Monday through Friday from 1pm to 4pm Eastern Time on their The Catholics Next Door radio show.

One of the reasons I wanted to have Greg on the show was to highlight how starting with a single podcast, building a large community, mixed with a lot of time, energy, and intentionality can lead to some pretty darn amazing opportunities.

It helps to step out of the box and get creative with other media channels as well. That's exactly what Greg and Jennifer, in conjunction with SQPN, did with their “That Catholic Show.” Have a look at the following embedded video and you will quickly understand how this project brought them an even greater level of exposure.

Recently, Greg and Jennifer teamed up with fellow Catholic podcasters, and friends, Mac Barron and Katherine Barron to create a pilot for a television sitcom for Catholic TV. The sitcom is called Mass Confusion. I'm embedding the pilot episode below.

During my conversation with Greg, he hinted at the new project that he is working on at NewEvangelizers.com. I'm excited to see what he's got in store for this new media adventure.

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