410 PABL – My Attempt At Running

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 19, 2009

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In podcast episode 408 I compared walking on the treadmill to walking outside and explained that I'd rather walk outside any day of the week. In this episode, I share that I have found another way to look at working out on the treadmill.

I also share about come conversations that I've been having with Father Roderick along with the following statement he recently sent me in an email:

Thanks Cliff, I really appreciate it! I love keeping up to date with
your amazing progress in PABL. Very inspiring! Care to run a marathon
together one of these years? ;-)

I thought he was kidding at first. However, in ongoing conversations, I've found that he's actually quite serious about the two of us running a marathon together. It's really opened my eyes to the possibility of actually running. So much so that I actually have been running this week.

I am not quite at the point where I can effectively run and podcast at the same time, as demonstrated in this episode, but I'm one step closer! Actually enjoying the though of running a marathon now!

Also in this episode, I share some of my favorite quotes from this article article that Maggie Mack posted in the gspn.tv community forum. Here are my favorites:

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being,
while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. – Plato

Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed. – Don Wood

If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it. – Brendan Francis

Change your thoughts and you change your world. – Norman Vincent

There is small danger of being starved in our land of plenty; but the danger of being stuffed is imminent. – Sarah Josepha Hale

Character – the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life – is the source from which self respect springs. – Joan Didion

The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions. – Confucius

It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not. – James Gordon

Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. – Carol Burnett

Food is an important part of a balanced diet. – Fran Lebowitz

Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Also mentions go out to Mary S, and Patti B. We had audio feedback from Frank C. and Wayne Henderson.

To wrap things up I shared some recent #PABL statements from Twitter:

danieljohnsonjr 4-miles walked today. Good thing, too, given what I ate today. #PABL

EvePhoenix Inboxes at zero already. Sipping my Diet Coke and not really hungry right now, when I'm usualy starving. Had a pretty healthy lunch. #pabl

Argon52 Walked 2.5 miles this morning & got freaking blisters on my foot again even with 2 socks & powder! Oh well, the walk was nice. #pabl

LeeAndrew Having done a daily walk for 1 to 2 hours the last month has made me feel very good of myself and also given me a lot of extra energy! #PABL

spicedogs OK. Made up my mind, I am going to cardiac therapy. Must follow @GSPN's #PABL.

spicedogs Cardiac Therapy was awesome today. I just graduated to higher and more difficult levels. Fell like I am playing a video game. LOL #PABL

MrsLTJ really need to get a good pedometer to count my steps thats not too expensive. any suggesstions on brand and store to buy from? #pabl

jshaffer Just achieved inbox 0 for today. Now to take an idea from @gspn and not look at it again until I get off of work. #PABL

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