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by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 22, 2009

in PABL Episodes 251-500, Pursuing A Balanced Life


Oddly enough, too much focus and attention on the Health and Fitness aspect of our lives can cause our lives to be thrown off balance. Since May 1st, I've been pursuing a healthier lifestyle that incorporates a generous amount of daily physical activity. I have also had a major paradigm shift in the way that I look at food and its nutritional value.

While I've been devoting a large portion of this blog and podcast to the topic of Health and Fitness, I've been just as focused on focusing more attention to the other areas of a balanced life such as Community, Work/Career, Family, Faith, Personal Development, and Recreation. It's a balance between Health/Fitness and all of these areas of our lives that truly cause us to enjoy the abundant life that God has provided us.

In this podcast episode, I share several things that took place over this past weekend. Prior to my focused pursuit of a Balanced Life, I would not have been able to enjoy all the events things that took place. However, because of the values and principles that I've been learning and applying to my life, I found myself living in the moment on a more consistent basis.

By the way, I mentioned that when I posted this episode, I'd put my weigh-in day results in the show notes. I'm excited to tell you that I've lost another 2 pounds in the last seven days for a total of TWENTY ONE POUNDS LOST SINCE May 1st!

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