475 PABL – My Catholic Weekend Part 1 of 4

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 13, 2010

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Pursuing A Balanced Life Podcast
My Catholic Weekend Part 1

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In this episode, I begin a four part series where I attempt to share as much as possible from my recent trip to Boston for the CNMC (Catholic New Media Celebration) hosted by SQPN (Star Quest Production Network). I was invited to come and speak during the event, as an expert in the field of podcasting and new media.

So what was it like for me, a non-Catholic, Protestant, Christian to attend an all Catholic conference? In this first part of my four part series, I set the stage by explaining my history with the Catholic Church and my first impressions when asked, by Father Roderick, if I would be willing to come and speak with him.

Here are some photo highlights from my trip: (CLICK HERE FOR A FULL SLIDESHOW)
CNMC Highlights

Here are the links to the talks that I gave:
Session 1 Recorded on Ustream
Session 2 Recorded on Ustream
Session 3 Recorded on Ustream

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