488 PABL – God Continues To Call Me To Stretch My Faith Even More By Adding More Margin To My Life!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 8, 2011

in PABL Episodes 251-500, Pursuing A Balanced Life

In this episode, I share an update about what has been going on in my personal and professional life and how it has all been impacted by my journey of faith. Listen to find out how things went after the first full month into “The Year of Provision.” Did God come through, in spite of all the things things that God laid on my heart for me to cut back on? You’ll get to hear all the details in this episode.

Also, in this episode, I share how I’ve really been feeling the need to practice what I preach in the area of living my life with more margin in it. Once again, God has called me to stretch my faith by cutting even more things out of my weekly schedule, to stay focused on the the things that are the wisest use of the time that I’ve been given, and to stay faithful in trusting in Him to provide so that I can can be the husband and father that He wants me to be.

As I’m typing these show notes. I’ve pretty much done most everything I need to do to promote the Podcasting A to Z group study. It’s time for me to trust that I’m offering something of great value and that people will respond. I’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers that this will all work out and that I’ll not stress out while waiting for the people to sign up.

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