Breakfast With The Family

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 1, 2006

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Stephanie and I just returned from taking the entire family on a one week trip to Disney World. We had a great time and even did a few podcasts about it that you can find on our My Crazy Life Podcast Page.
While we were in Florida, our family had breakfast together every day. This was a bit new to us. Our family is accustomed to having lunch together often, since I work just down the road from our home, and we almost always have dinner together as a family. However, breakfast had simply been overlooked due to our schedules being the way that they were.
One thing that we noticed was that there was a great deal more discussion around the breakfast table. I had noticed that rather than talk about the “trials” or difficulties of the day, we talked about “OUR” plans for the day. This is huge!
I'm a huge believer in the idea that if you don't plan your day out, someone else or a group of other people will plan it for you. When this happens, you can simply end the day by doing a LOT of things, but not accomplishing anything of importance.
On the way home, a two day trip in the van, Stephanie pointed out that School is about to start again and that Meagan had to be up and out the door very early, something Meagan is not used to at all. Stephanie suggested that we start getting the entire family up, early each morning to have breakfast together as a great way to start our day.
Well, I'm excited to tell you that this morning, Stephanie got up before the rest of the family, started cooking breakfast, and before I left for work this morning, I had two pancakes, a few slices of bacon and a tall glass of orangejuice. And yo know what? I feel a lot better starting this day off with having a meal with the people I love most!
Stephanie, thank you so much for breakfast! I love you!

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