493 PABL – Margin Achieved Though Faith Trust And Provision

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 23, 2011

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In this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I share how I feel that I really have achieved a sense of margin in my day to day life through my faith and trust in God's provision.

I know that it's only been been two days since I last recorded an episode of this podcast and that recording was just released yesterday. However, perhaps you can simpy look at this additional episode as a means of me making up for the fact that I had skipped a few weeks.

At any rate, I share a lot in this one hour episode. I talk about how much weight I've lost in the past month. I talked about my continued thoughts on planning and preparing for the future and how that relates to being flexible enough to go with the leading of God when He may inspire us to go in a different direction that we had planned.

I share how I was tempted to say “yes” to a request to continue my class' access to me via ongoing Q&A during the month of April after I had just offered to the class to continue their access with me during the month of May. I share why and how it was an easy decisoin for me to respond “no” even when that's not been very easy for me in the past.

I also made a decision to raise my consulting rates effective April 1st. I share why I've made this decision. I'm actually continually reminding myself why this is an important step for me and you just get to hear the conversation that I have with myself about it. ;)

This episode also shows the importance of being able to just stop and take in the moment as I sit and watch a group of ducks swimming around in the water.

Really, this is just an overall upbeat and positive reflection of what's been going on in my life as a direct result of seeking God first, doing all the things that He has laid on my heart and trusting in Him to provide for my every need. I hope that it's a source of encouragement for you to do the same.

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