494 PABL – It Took Two Days To Record This Episode!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 7, 2011

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In this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I record from inside the studio to get caught up on the back catalog of audio feedback that had been submitted for this podcast over the past two months.

Wayne Henderson called in to say how much he has been enjoying the occasional audio boo updates that I have put online. You can listen to those at http://audioboo.com/gspn.

Eve called in quite some time ago to share her reaction to episodes 475 to 478 which were titled “My Catholic Weekend Parts 1 through 4.”

Jon Wilkerson called in after listening to episode 483 and correctly guessed that I had got too caught up in trusting in my own personal abilities. He was right and I’m so glad that God had worked on my heart in this area since that time.

Santos Auli called in regarding episode 485 titled “The Year of Providence.” I’m very happy to have had the chance to get to know him better and I appreciate that he has since become a gspn.tv Plus Member.

Jenn from Ohio also called in regarding episode 485 to say that this episode was exactly what she needed to hear. I so appreciate this type of feedback.

I did give an update on how Plus Membership income is going since the decision to go ALL FREE was made. I hope that my sharing this didn’t come off as begging people to respond. Honestly, God has been providing in amazing ways as the result of my consulting/coaching side of my business.

I do believe that income from the content/community helps me to keep my focus on creating the content and the efforts necessary to build the environments that foster the community building that takes place here at gspn.tv. However, I know that no matter how God chooses to provide for our financial needs, the content and community of gspn.tv is why I decided to do what I do for a living. I am trusting in God to provide however He desires.

Maggie had called in about Tim Farris’ book “The Four Hour Body.” I’m personally skeptical about this book, even though I’ve never read it. I heard a lot of buzz when the book first came out and I was turned off by some of the things folks had shared with me. I’m wondering what Maggie, or anyone else in the community, feels about this book after reading it.

Zen Runner called in to ask me what my fitness plans and goals are for this year. I have a pretty clear breakdown that looks something like this:
– My goal is to get to 210 by the end of April 2011
– To get below 200 by the end of May 2011
– To get to 190 by the end of June 2011
– To get to 180 by the end of July 2011
– To get to 170 by the end of August 2011
– To get to 160 by the end of September 2011
– To get to 154 by the end of October 2011

Somewhere in here I shared why Matthew now has a cast on his arm for four weeks, getting new glasses, and several other things that I have probably failed to mention here in the show notes. I think the funniest thing is that this episode literally took me two days to record.

After you get a chance to listen, feel free to leave a comment here on this post! You can provide audio feedback for the podcast by calling the voice mail feedback line directly at 859-795-4067. You can also email an audio file to [email protected].

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