495 PABL – Trying Not To Feel Bad About Not Feeling Bad

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 19, 2011

in PABL Episodes 251-500, Pursuing A Balanced Life

This episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life was originally recorded on Sunday April 10th. However, as the result of my schedule and trying to stay committed to the amount of margin I have created for myself, today is the first chance I’ve had to publish this episode to the web.

In this episode, I talk about the following topics

  • A desire to get over sinus/allergy issues that have plagued me for a full week.
  • A need to adjust to my new glasses.
  • Feeling the blessings of God on a daily basis.
  • A possibility of a close friend taking my May A to Z Course
  • Trying to not worry about the things that are on my to do list for a later time.
  • Fighting the feeling that I “NEED TO DO SO MUCH”
  • The small list of things that I need to accomplish while kids are on Spring Break.
  • Enjoying a night out with my wife!
  • I’m Trying Not To Feel Bad About Not Feeling Bad About Experiencing Margin
  • A new pair of shoes.
  • Started a new YouTube channel for Podcast Answer Man: http://YouTube.com/PodcastAnswerMan

After you get a chance to listen, feel free to leave a comment here on this post! You can provide audio feedback for the podcast by calling the voice mail feedback line directly at 859-795-4067. You can also email an audio file to [email protected].

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