509 OTS – Doctor Who S6 E3 – The Curse of The Black Spot

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 12, 2011

in Doctor Who, On The Screen With Cliff & Stephanie

In this episode of On The Screen With Cliff and Stephanie, we share our initial reaction to Season 6 Episode 3 of Doctor Who titled “The Curse of The Black Spot.”

What an amazing episode. This was like Doctor Who meets Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm amazing at just how creative the writers of this show can be after so many years. I guess when you give someone a box that can allow them to travel to any place and any time, the possibilties are endless.

I share my theory about the potential pregnancy of Amy Pond. I'm probably wrong, but I had fun sharing my theory none the less. It would be so cool if it turns out that I was right.

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