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by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 4, 2005

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There are many things that I love about my career as an insurance agent. Incentive trips offered by some of our companies are one of the best benefits. Stephanie and I have been on several incentive trips with Grange Life Insurance over the past few years. The picture above shows Stephanie and I in Quebec City, Canada. We, along with all the other Grange Agents who were able to attend the trip, were dressed in costume as we traveled back in time to celebrate when Quebec City was first colonized as “The New France.”
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Another Great Trip was our trip to Barbados. I've stayed at a few places that call themselves a “resort.” However, nothing on this earth could compare to the Sandy Lane Resort. You know how some broshures show you how nice the place looks and when you get there you imagine it might have looked that nice a long, long time ago? Not the Sandy Lane! It was amazing. Click this link to see the PHOTO GALLERY for the Sandy Lane. Just know this, it's much better in real life. Below are a few pictures of Stephanie and at the Sandy Lane.

There was a trip that we went on that sounded exciting. It was the Grange Life “Yacht Experience.” It certainly was an experience. Have you ever been on a giant cruise ship? If so, you know how every now and then the waves from the open sea will sometimes cause these ships, often the size of 8 city blocks, to sway a little bit? Okay, now imagine that SAME OPEN SEA in a Yahcht that seamed to be the size of a small canoe comapared to those huge cruise ships. Here's a few picutres of the boat and us on it.

This trip was probably the most memorable. We definately Rocked & Rolled on this ship, but it wasn't because of any all night dance club on the ship. It was quite funny to watch everyone's dinner slide from one side of the table to the next each evening.
While the method of travel was not the greatest, the islands that we visted were Amazing. We stopped at Antigua, Dominica, St Barth, & St Kitt. Stephanie and I decided to explore the island of St. Barth in style, so we rented a scooter in town. Here are some pictures of Stephanie and I on our scooter and some other misc. island shots from the various islands.

There have been many more awesome vacations that we have been on with Grange Life and with other insurance companies as well. I wish I had more time to show the pictures from all our Grange Life Disney Vacations and the Hershey, PA vacations with the kids along with us.
Why did I make this post today? Two reasons. First, I know people like to look at pictures. There's plenty of them on this entry. Second, I'm getting ready to start another major sales campaign here at the office and these pictures are an awesome reminder of the benefits of all the hard work and long hours I put into selling insurance. These trips are great incentives to WORK HARD!
I thank God for giving me a love for my job. I also thank God for using something I love to provide for my family not only in the neccessities of life, but also in these fun filled memorable vacations with just Stephanie and I and also those awesome family vacations that we will never forget.
Oh heck… here are a few of the family vacation pics just to boot!

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