About The Pursuing A Balance Life Blog & Podcast

My name is Cliff Ravenscraft and this Pursuing A Balanced Life website is the home of my personal blog and podcast. My mission is to create content that is Entertaining, Educational, Encouraging, and Inspirational.

In this blog and podcast, I invite you to join me on the journey to living a more balanced life!

For those of you who don't already know me, podcasting is my full-time career. I support my wife and three children through podcast consulting, audio equipment sales, and through the many podcasts that I, along with my wife, Stephanie produce through our network of podcasts called the Generally Speaking Production Network (gspn.tv).

This particular podcast actually began as the “My Crazy Life” podcast on March 16th, 2006. The original format of the show was that it would be a general interest podcast where I would podcast about anything that I thought was interesting. As time went on, several shows had been launched as the result of topics and/or formats originally introduced in the My Crazy Life Podcast. Examples of this would be the Podcast Answer Man Podcast, the Help I Got A Mac Podcast, the Almost Daily Devotional Podcast, the Stephanie Unplugged Podcast, the Family From The Heart Podcast, the Community Voice Podcast, as well as many others.

Over the past two years, I've been using this podcast to chronicle all the things that I'm thinking through as it relates to trying to be the best husband and father I can be, while at the same time, focusing the right amount of time and energy on what it takes to provide for my family through my work/career. In the show, I would share my struggle with focusing on one area of my life only to throw off the delicate balance of all the other areas of life.

Those who have been listening along the way have shared with me that they have found a great deal of educational value, encouragement, and even inspiration from our various podcasts. To give you an idea of the type of feedback I've received, have a listen to a few of these audio clips:

Jenny from Rochester New York:

Christine from New York, NY

Richi from Germany

Anne from Germany

On May 9th, 2009, I released episode number 396 of the My Crazy Life Podcast. In it, I made the announcement that after nearly 400 episodes of “My Crazy Life,” I made a decision to re-brand this podcast as the Pursuing A Balanced Life Podcast.

As a part of the re-branding, I decided to combine this show with my personal blog (formerly Ravenscraft.org). It made sense, to me, that my personal blog would reflect one of my greater purposes in life, which is to share my life online as I pursue a more balanced life.

As I mentioned, creating podcast content is a large part of my full-time career. If you are not already subscribed the FREE VERSION of The Pursuing A Balanced Life Podcast via the RSS Feed or in iTunes, I hope that you'll subscribe today.

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