Welcome To The Generally Speaking Production Network

GSPN (Generally Speaking Production Network) is an online media content network created by Cliff Ravenscraft, with his wife Stephanie Ravenscraft, on December 16th, 2005.

Cliff And Stephanie RavenscraftWho Are Cliff & Stephanie Ravenscraft?
We are not your average American married couple with young children. We are a family that has given up on the status quo in an effort to pursue the lives for which we were created. We are passionate about sharing our lives in an authentic and completely unscripted way. Like you, we face many struggles and triumphs every day. You can get a behind the scenes look into our lives in our Family From The Heart Podcast.

We hope to be a source of entertainment, education, encouragement, and inspiration as we share our hopes, fears, strengths and even our weaknesses. With us, you get it all.

You are not alone! We are committed to building a community where relationships are formed and built upon shared passions. In the gspn.tv Community, you will develop friendships with others who either share your enjoyment of a favorite television show, the latest technology and gadgetry, or who are ready to get serious about the pursuit of a more balanced life. All of this with a genuine faith that is deeply rooted yet never overpowering in all that we do.

At The Core, we want to be known for our… AUTHENTICITY!

Our Commitment To The Content
We will create access to a network of content that provides…
* Relevant, entertaining and thought provoking shows, and…
* A friendly voice to keep our community company through the day, and…
* A source of information on topics interesting and relevant to our community.

In May of 2011, I was invited to speak at BlogWorld & New Media Expo to share “The GSPN Story.” If you are interested in hearing about how GSPN got started, check out this video: