My Favorite Things about Losing 72 pounds

by Stephanie Ravenscraft on January 7, 2011

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When I first thought about writing this blog, I thought it would be ten things. I just couldn't think of three more, although I’m sure they are there. So, in no particular order, my 7 favorite things of having lost 72 pounds.

1. The way my kids see me.
I love knowing that my kids see me as healthy. I remember as a kid being so worried about my mom because she smokes or my dad knowing he is overweight. And honestly I still do. So to have taken this worry away from my kids means the world to me.

The first time they referred to my old self as “fat mom”, they were concerned about getting into trouble. We have a strict no “put down” rule in our house. But it made me realize that that is what they thought. And they were delighted that I was not fat anymore. So with sensitivity to those around us that are still overweight, I gave my kids permission to call my old self “fat mom”.

It helps me remember that I don’t want to be that again and one of the reason I lost weight to begin with was to be there for my kids. I asked each of them this morning what their favorite part about me not being “fat mom” anymore is and here are their responses.

Matthew – I don’t walk as slow anymore and I can run and play, which I couldn't do before.
Meagan – She can borrow my shirts.
McKenna- I don’t look like a watermelon anymore.

I love my kids and pray that I am able to instill healthy views of food into them and that they never struggle with obesity.

2. Buying a size 6 and SKINNY Jeans!!!!!
Really do I need to say more. At my biggest I wore a size 18, or squeezed myself into a 16 in denial that I needed bigger pants. I have been dressing to hide my body since I was 17. It feels so good to be able to dress the trendy look.

3. Tying my shoes.
Now here is where you can say it’s the small things that matter. I always put my foot on a chair to tie my shoes. Bending over would make me dizzy or was just uncomfortable because my belly was in the way. The first time I bent over to tie my shoes was a milestone for me.

4. Borrowing Clothes from friends, Or rather a friend.
I don’t go around asking others for clothes. In October I had the oppurtunity to go to Columbus to visit my friend Alison and to attend an Ohio State football game. Now for weeks I had been meaning to get to the store and pick up a t-shirt I could wear to the game. But living in KY everything over here is a certain shade of blue. Several times Alison offered for me to borrow something of hers but I was stuck on buying my own. I never did make it to the store and left for Columbus without an OSU shirt. Saturday morning came, Alison gave me a shirt and I was a little nervous putting it on. Funny how retraining our brain can take so long. Well, I borrowed a shirt from my “tall, thin” friend and wore those OSU colors proudly all day. It was a great day of football and friendship.

5. Hearing my husband say “You’re Beautiful” and BELIEVING it.
Feeling beautiful is something that all women struggle with no matter their size. So I have always just gave a shrug or a laugh whenever Cliff says I’m beautiful. For a long time I just thought it was because “that what a husband should say”. But knowing that he says it because he feels it and believing him because I feel it myself are something I would not want to trade. No matter how many Rice Krispie Treats you offer me. ;)

6. The Standard Bath Towel
Several years ago my mother in-law gave Cliff and I some of those over sized bath towels. That’s what I have used since then and still do at home. On one of our trips to the TN lake house I just grabbed the towel off the counter not thinking about it. I dried off, wrapped the towel around myself and tucked it at the top, just like at home. By the time I made it to our room to get dressed I realized “This is a standard size towel.” I was so excited that I walked around in that towel for an hour.

7. The day my mom didn’t recognize me.
Now this may sound bad and give a horrible impression of my mom. So let me start by saying my mom lives an hour away, works full time and I still have a sister at home. We don’t see each other as often as we would like.

We were meeting at a store to go shopping. She arrived first and was in line with my sisters waiting for the store to open. I walked right up to them and they continued with their conversation. To not interrupt I waited until they finished to say hello.

When I spoke the shock on mom’s face was priceless. She was near tears, although I’m not sure if it was not knowing who I was or for my changed appearance. She hadn’t seen me in about 3 months and in that time I had changed my hair color and lost 15 more pounds.

It was a great moment. It will be quite some time before I let her live down not recognizing her own daughter.

If I can do it, you can too!
So there they are, I have lost 72 lbs as of today and I am so happy to have made this journey. It was very difficult at times but I think back over this list and realize every moment was worth it. I love telling others that they can do it, you just have to believe that you can. And let me tell you if I can you can!!!!

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