Amazing Weekend

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 6, 2005

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This was truly an amazing weekend! I can hardly believe all the things that I did in just the past two days alone. I'll just give you a quick run down.
Officiated a Wedding (see pictures)
On Saturday, I officiated my brother-in-law's wedding. It was an outdoor wedding on a very hot/humid day. It was quite the experience as I was the only person at the wedding with a tie on. And boy was it hot in my suit!
Here's a picture of me officiating.

Overall, the wedding went really well. They had a pig roast for the reception and the rain held off all day! It was a lot of fun.
Gladiator Movie Night
Saturday evening, all the men from my cell group got together to watch the movie Gladiator. I LOVE that movie! The courage and honor that are portrayed by the character Maximus is simply amazing. Several men from our cell are reading the book, Wild at Heart by John Eldridge and we are now going through the field guide that goes with the book as a Discipleship Group for men. One of the first things that it suggested was that we get together to watch a movie like this. The next time we get together, we will be discussing the theme of manhood as it is portrayed in that movie.
Sunday Mission Fair
Sunday's Reality Worship was led by the Core Youth Band and I really enjoyed it. We sang a few new songs that we hadn't done before that I really liked. Just after the service, there was a missions fair. It was cool to see and talk with some of the missionaries around the world. I also got to meet a few new people from first church that will be joining a cell this week as a result!
Lunch at El Rio Grande
Stephanie and I took the kids to our new favorite Mexican Restaurant yesterday. The fajitas, salsa, and the service are unbeatable for the price. I definitely suggest that you try El Rio Grande in Florence, Ky. if you have not been there yet!
Oh, and please pray with me that I'm able to find my planner today. It has my prayer journal among other important items in it and Stephanie and I finally retraced our steps yesterday in our memories and remembered that I had left it in booth where we were sitting yesterday. I praying that when I call, that they had found it and sat it aside for me to come and pick up. (Update: I called today, they said they found it and are holding it for me! Praise the Lord! Stephanie is going by today to pick it up for me. Oh, how I love that woman!”
Sams Shopping
After lunch, we headed over to Sams and did nearly the entire month's shopping in about two hours. After spending just over $200.00 at Sams, I spent the rest of the afternoon separating 80 hot dogs into freezer bags, 40 hamburger patties, into freezer bags, etc. etc.
Really Great Friends (See Pictures)
As I was finishing up the packing of all our food in the freezer, Darcy Pach gave me a call. He and Suzanne invited our family over for dinner. Now, I know that this will generate some comments, but I ate a grilled chicken salad last night! Yes, I ate a whole bowl of romaine lettuce with grilled chicken for dinner! Oh, and I liked it! Of course I didn't use any of that nasty salad dressing or anything. Just a little salt and crushed pepper.
Darcy has his own SQUARE FOOT GARDEN in his back yard where he freshly picked the lettuce just as we arrived. I have photos! See next and final note on the weekend.
New Photo Gallery
This morning, I decided that I liked the photo gallery that Darcy Pach put on his blog so much that I had to install it on my own. You will now notice a new link under Browse My Site called “Photo Gallery.” This is going to make it so much easier to post “multiple” photos to my blog. I've already used it several times in this post!
I've got a busy day ahead of me, so I've got to go for now!

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