An Emergency Call

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 13, 2006

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I was sitting at my desk talking with a client about his life insurance. My cell phone beeped indicating that Stephanie wanted to talk to me. I responded to the beep. (We use nextel which has a walkie talkie feature) I said that I was with a client and asked if I could call her back in just a moment. There was no response. A few minutes later, there was another beep. I responded again, but still nothing in return. I learned later that Matthew was trying to use the phone to beep me.
Working on an issue for my client, I was on the phone with a life underwriter when I heard someone in the office talking to my son Matthew on another line. I heard the question “Matthew, what's wrong?” Immediately my heart sunk to my shoes and I immediately had a rush of adrenalin that flowed through my body. I was told that I needed to pick up line one that there was an emergency.
I told the life underwriter that I had to disconnect, that there was a family emergency that I had to respond to. I immediately hung up that line and took line one. My son, Matthew, told me that I needed to come home because my daughter, McKenna, was bleeding. I asked him if mommy was there and he just said that mommy needs you to come home right now. I told Matthew to tell mommy I would be right there.
I apologized to my client and told him that there was an emergency at home and I had to go. He obviously understood and I bolted out the door. Before I even made it to the car, my first response was to begin praying right away.
I will continue with the rest of the story in my next episode of My Crazy Life. Keep an eye out for episode #49 that I will titled “An Emergency Call.”

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