Another Example of Why We Do What We Do!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 30, 2011

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I just received permission, from Erica Sigurdsson, to share the following email with you. This email is one of many examples that I receive in my email inbox each day that reminds me of “Why We Do What We Do” here at

Before you read the email, let me explain what led to this email. As many of you know, podcasting is our full-time career. During the end of 2007, Stephanie and I agreed that we were being called for me to leave my career in insurance to focus more time and energy on the content and community of We felt led to create content that is entertaining, educational, encouraging, and inspirational.

At, we give folks the opportunity to become a “ Community Plus Member.” These are the folks who voluntarily contribute, financially, to support the efforts of creating the content that we create and the building the community that we are building.

Many folks, like Erica, contribute on a monthly basis. In the event that I am notified, by PayPal, that a monthly contribution subscription has been canceled, I send a pre-written message to the Plus Member to see if this was something that they had decided to do or if it was something that was done without their knowledge do to a change in banking information within their PayPal account.

I had sent this pre-written message to Erica, and the following is the email that she sent back to me.

Would you believe that we have received over 100 emails with nearly this same exact message? That folks are living DEBT FREE today as the result of Stephanie and I sharing our journey? I thank God each day for giving us the ability to do something that is having a positive impact in people's lives.

Erica, Congratulations to you and your fiancé! I am so excited that you will be starting off your new life together without the chains of debt wrapped around your necks.

Live Loved! Live Free!

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