Baby Watch 2005

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 12, 2005

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Not Yet!!! Stephanie called her doctor Sunday Night with some symptoms that may have been associated with her high blood pressure and the doctor sent us to the Hospital to be checked for toxemia. While all the tests came back negative, it nearly seemed like they were going to hold us over and possibly induce Stephanie right there that night. The concern was that it seemed that whenever Stephanie would have a contraction, McKenna's heartbeat dropped. It turned out to be that it was the way they had her laying and when they repositioned her, the problem was no longer there.
So here we are… No McKenna yet. This is a good thing though. At least up to this point. See Friday Night, I went to bed with a Temporature of 103 degrees. In fact, I was up all night that night with a fever. I felt horrible the entire weekend. I went to the Doctor first thing Monday Morning and found out that I definately have another case of Bronchitis and may have had a case of Strep Throat.
I've just finished my second day of some anti-biotics and I'm finally feeling a little better. I'm praying that I will be able to sleep tonight and maybe I will soon have my full strength back. Something tells me that McKenna will be here very shortly. I will keep you all posted!
Thanks for all your prayers for our family's health.

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