Bad Week Ends Better…

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 17, 2004

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What A WeekHave you ever just had a really bad week? I did this week. It all started last Sunday when I noticed that my website was down. When I opened a support ticket with my web host, I was informed that they had some trouble with several of their site backups, and my backup was one of them. They said that my site was not restoreable and they asked if I happened to have a copy of a recent backup that I could upload to them to restore from.
I did do a backup on 10/27/2004 after I had done some significant changes to my site. I was able to upload this backup file to them, however, it was not until Thursday of this week that my site was restored.
What's the big deal? I'm glad you asked… There were two very big deals with this. First, my whole domain was affected. This means that I went five days without any access to my personal email. All email sent to me from last Sunday through Thursday of this week has been lost. I typically get about 10 to 25 emails a day, these are actual emails and do not include spam. Problem is, those who sent me email these past few days have no way of knowing that their email didn't make it to me. I'm hoping nothing really important was sent.
I know what your thinking, so your personal email was down and your personal website was down… big deal. Well that's where the second big deal comes in. Almost everyone knows that I am an insurance agent and I also administrate our agency network as well. Our AGENCY INTRANET is hosted as a part of my domain. This intranet not only has all the links to our Company Interface Web Sites, but it also hosts our Agency Phone List.
Between trying to work with my web host to get our site back online and trying to contact companies without our phone list and not only being upset about it myself, but hearing everyone else gripe and complain about our site being down made for a very UNPRODUCTIVE WEEK.
This was a huge letdown as last week was quite productive and in fact, I had worked late all last week to get my desk caught up to focus on new sales this week. Instead, I faced computer problems, one right after another.
However, the week ended well. No computer problems to report on Friday. I was able to get my desk caught back up again for the most part from where I fell behind while fixing all this stuff and I have three pretty nice quotes to work on when I return back to work on Monday. Not to mention it was pay day and I got my year end bonus and information about my raise for the new year.
I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend to relieve a lot of the built up stress from this week.

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