Biggest Loser Fan Podcast Announcement

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 24, 2009

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Biggest Loser PodcastI'm very excited to announce the newest podcasting project that I've been working on. This podcast will be unique in that I'll be producing this podcast in conjunction Fr. Roderick Vonhogen of SQPN.

Many community members will recognize the name of Father Roderick. His podcasts, were among the first podcasts that I had subscribed to back in 2005 and he's been a source of inspiration for me ever since.

Over the course of the past four years, Fr. Roderick and I have developed a great friendship and I could not be more excited than I am to have been invited to co-host a show with him.

We will be recording the first episode(s) of The Biggest Loser Fan Podcast at 6am Eastern Time on Thursday, September 24th, 2009. Since this podcast will be a joint venture between Father Roderick and myself, we're creating a neutral site that can be found at For those of you who are subscribed to the All-Inclusive Feeds, I'll also be posting the episodes to the and Plus Member feeds!

Even if you've never watched a single episode of the Biggest Loser television show, I would strongly encourage you to at least have a listen to the first few episodes of this podcast. In fact, what we see in the show will only be used as a launching point for discussions about health, fitness, and overall balanced living.

And if you are an early riser or in another time zone that would allow you to join us live at 6am Eastern Time on Thursdays, feel free to drop into the live chat room at And of course we welcome your comments and questions on our listener feedback voice mail hotline at 859-795-4067.

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