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by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 11, 2006

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I recently mentioned in the launch episode of the Podcast Answer Man podcast, I've taken the first step in going from podcasting as a hobby to now podcasting as part time employment. I have purchased a copy of QuickBooks, I have purchased a professional studio microphone, a professional portable digital recording device, and a few other items here and there to get this all set up.
There are so many more things that need to be done. Before I can open a bank account, I have to register the name of my business with the Boone County Clerk here in Kentucky. I need to learn how to set up Quickbooks and how all these taxing thing works. I will share this process of getting things set up in my new Podcast Answer Man show.
One of the minor steps that I have accomplished was that I have ordered my new business cards. They look Amazing! The person who designed them is the same person behind so much of what makes portions of the GSPN site look so professional. She is working on her own website at this time and when it is set up, she will be able to start taking requests for graphic and website design word as a side job as well. You can bet that I will be referring all those who are moving into the podcast field to this person, who shall remain nameless until she is ready!
Here is what the cards will look like:

Note: this is the print layout view of the cards. There are three lines that indicate how the card will look upon completion. The card will be cut along the very light blue “trim line.” The red line will not show and is only there to indicate that anything inside the red line is completely safe from the trimmer!

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