Carmen's Last Day At School

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 1, 2005

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I just received this picture from someone at Meagan's school. This is a picture of Carmen's last day at school. Since my last post, Meagan and I have talked quite a bit more about her friend Carmen. She now knows and understands clearly that her friend Carmen is now in Heaven and is okay with that. In fact, Stephanie says that they will be in the van sometimes and Meagan will bring Carmen up and ask a question here and there about what Heaven is like.
Stephanie and I have discussed how amazing it is that a Child like Meagan can so fully grasp the concept of Heaven and accept the reality of it with so much faith. It's given us even a deeper understanding of the thought that we should come to God with the faith of a child.
Meagan loved Carmen very much and she certainly will be missed. But Meagan knows that she will one day see her friend again and they will once again be able to run and play together in Heaven.
In Christ,

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