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Producing Less For The Purpose of Greater Production
During the open of last week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I hinted that I was considering the thought of producing less shows moving forward. As I share in this episode, the reason is that I want to maximize the value of any of the work that I do, including the various podcasts that I might produce.

So many people have come to me, as a podcast consultant/coach, who are wanting to launch three to five podcasts before the end of their first year in podcasting, without understanding what all goes into the production of a single show. I believe that podcasts are most effective and valuable when they serve a niche audience and when that audience is served extremely well. Leo Laporte echoed this key area of success in the interview I did with him back in November.

To effectively super serve a niche community, I believe that you should be willing to devote a great deal of time, energy, and attention to making every aspect of your production and community environments as valuable and as high a quality as possible. I've come to the point where I understand that with all the shows that I currently produce (approximately five to ten a week on average right now), I am producing a lot of really good content. However, I personally feel that, on average, I only produce about two GREAT episodes each week. I've determined that this is simply not acceptable when I consider the hopes, dreams, and goals that I have for the future of my podcast network at gspn.tv.

The following are some of the big changes that I've decided to make moving forward. I share more details about each of these decisions in this episode.

– I will be ending the Balanced Living Weekly podcast after 83 episodes (final episode pending). This show was started on September 27th, 2009 with Fr. Roderick Vonhogen as my co-host. I will continue to share my pursuit of a balanced life in the Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast.

– My wife, Stephanie, will be Ending the Full Time Mom podcast after 184 episodes (final episode pending). She launched this show on July 14th, 2007. I'm excited to announce that Stephanie will continue to share everything that she would have shared in this podcast in both the Authentic Life Radio and Family From The Heart podcasts.

– I will be ending the Business Tech Weekly podcast after 109 episodes (final episode pending). This show was started on September 8th, 2009 with Andy Traub as my co-host. Andy will continue share his business pursuits on his own Take Permission podcast network. From this point forward, I will bring all of my business technology and business growth experiences here into the Podcast Answer Man podcast and in my Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast.

– I have ended the Social Media Serenity podcast after 119 episodes. This show was started on July 17th, 2009 with Erik J. Fisher as my co-host. From this point forward, I will bring all social media news, updates, and experiences here into the Podcast Answer Man podcast. Beginning next week, I plan to have Erik become my Social Media correspondent for Podcast Answer Man. The thought is that we will try to include a ten minute social media segment each week.

– I am officially ending the Help I Got A Mac podcast after 180 episodes (final episode pending). I had started this podcast when I purchased my first Apple computer, as a means of sharing my experience on this new computing platform. The show was officially re-launched on October 14th, 2007 when Chris Beiting agreed to be co-host the show with me.

– I have ended the Almost Daily Devotional Podcast after 166 episodes. I had launched this podcast back on March 3rd, 2008 with the idea that I would produce three to five 10 minute episodes each week. There were a few times that I had achieved this goal. However, for the most part, the show's production schedule had been pretty hit or miss throughout the years. I will continue to produce the content that I would have included in the Almost Daily Devotional in my Encouraging Others Through Christ podcast.

– After 124 episodes, I made the decision to re-brand the About The Church podcast. This was only the third podcast that I had ever created for our network and it was launched on April, 23rd, 2006, just four months after I started podcasting. Moving forward, the content for this show will be continue to be produced and on a more consistent basis. The show will known as the Encouraging Others Through Christ podcast.

Am I Leaving The Network Model Behind? NO WAY!
If there is any fear about making so many changes all at once, it is that folks may think that I am abandoning the gspn.tv network/community. This could not be further from the fact!

All of these decisions have been made in order that I can spend less time making good content and MORE TIME making GREAT content. As mentioned above, you can see that I have a plan for the content that would have been provided in each of the shows that are ending, with the exception of Help I Got A Mac, to be included in other existing shows.

Moving forward, there will be a renewed passion and drastic increase in the quality of all of the following main gspn.tv shows as the result of these changes.

– Podcast Answer Man – PodcastAnswerMan.com
– Family From The Heart – FamilyFromTheHeart.com
– Authentic Life Radio – AuthenticLifeRadio.com
– Life, Love, And The Movies – LifeLoveAndTheMovies.com
– Pursuing A Balanced Life – PursuingABalancedLife.com
– Encouraging Others Through Christ – EncouragingOthersThroughChrist.com

Podcast Series or Seasons
Those who have come to enjoy the entertainment podcasts that we produce for gspn.tv can rest assured that we will continue to produce shows like the Hunger Games Fan Podcast, Doctor Who Fan Podcast, Twilight Saga Fan Podcast and the gspn.tv Lost Fan Podcast.

In this episode, I share some thoughts that I've have recently related to how I may approach any new podcast launches with a end for the podcast in mind, a podcast series, or with the idea of only producing a certain number of episodes at a time, as a podcast seasons.

Bringing A Final Close To Premium Member Only Site
One year ago, I made the decision to give all the content, that we produce, away free of charge. Previously, we had partial premium model for many of our podcasts known as Plus Membership. As a result, I have been managing two separate websites for all the gspn.tv content since 2008. While we were using this partial premium content model, I would publish all free episodes of all our podcast to our gspn.tv main site while I would post every episode of every podcast on our gspn.tv Plus Member Access Site. This means that since January 2008, every single episode we published, which was about seven to fifteen episodes a week, had to be published to two separate websites.

Effective here in January, 2012, I will no longer be publishing content to the Plus Member Only site. I will leave that site active as an online archive. This old site will contain all of the content that had been produced from December 2005 through the end of 2011. Every episode of every show that we have produced since January of 2011 can be found at https://gspn.tv.

Later today, I will record a short special episode that will be put into every single podcast feed on that Plus Member site explaining what is going on and that those who were subscribe to the “Plus Member Feeds” will want to go and subscribe to the main gspn.tv feeds found on our site or in iTunes. I will point people to https://gspn.tv/shows as a resource to easily find the subscription links they are looking for.

Bottom Line – Making A Dent In The World
The bottom line is that I want to create Entertaining, Educational, Encouraging, and Inspirational content that makes a difference in people's lives. I want to spend LESS time producing “good” content and I want to spend MORE TIME producing GREAT, can't live without, content that helps to make positive change in the lives of those who listen.

I believe that I have been called, by God, to be a force of positive change in the world! I believe spending time creating the my own great content, that matters most, and helping thousands of people (other podcasters), around the world, take their shows to the next level, is how I will achieve this calling moving forward.

I hope to make an official announcement, to my Podcast Answer Man Mailing List, about the Podcaster's Master Mind Group that I've been working on for the past two months. Stay turned for more details.

Blue Host Affiliate Signups
Special thanks to the folks behind RoundTablePodcast.com and ArizonaFootballLeague.com for using my Blue Host affiliate link this past week to create their hosting account. As you know, I earn a commission each time someone clicks through my link to sign up with Blue Host. So thank you!

Random Plug of The Week
This week's random plug of the week goes out to Adam Baker of ManVsDebt.com. Adam's Man Vs Debt podcast reached the top ten spot in iTunes in the Investing category. This put him right up next to Dave Ramsey and other big time mainstream traditional media guys. I share more thoughts on this in the episode. Congratulations Adam!

PODCAST CONSULTING: I'm available for one on one podcast consulting and coaching. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I'd love to work with you. I'm able to demonstrate using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected].

PODCAST VIDEO TUTORIALS: I also have a growing list of video tutorials that I have created based up on the the top things my clients have hired me to help them with. See the full list of tutorials by clicking here.

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Have you ever wondered how much toilette paper it would take to clog up the commode on cruise ship? In this video, you will learn that it takes A LOT!

Recently, I was browsing some photos and videos were stored on a very old external hard drive. This video is from July 17th, 2005. I had won a cruise for two as the reward for selling a “boat load” of insurance the year before.

Unfortunately, McKenna was only three months old at the time and the company's guidelines would not allow for children to be brought on these incentive cruises. I was so delighted, however, that my best friend, Robert Johnson, was able to join me. I had completely forgot that we recorded this video.

Robert and I had so much fun on that cruise. In fact, the very first video project that I ever produced was done with footage from our time in the Bahamas. The resolution is quite low. But if you are interested, check it out below:


The Coke Bottling Process In 45 Minutes

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 1, 2012

in Blog

I just spent the last 45 minutes watching this video. I didn't intend to spend that 45 minutes watching how coke is bottled, but when I put it on full screen and bumped it up to 1080P resolution, I simply got sucked in. Here's the video…

As I sit here, I'm asking myself what am I taking away from watching this. A few things struck me. There really is no limit on how large a company can become if you have dreams, goals, and plans and robots are AMAZING and I'm so happy that Matthew enjoys playing with the Lego Mindstorm as much as he does.

Overall, I'm glad I watched it. It's inspiring to see things that “work.”

So thankful that content like this is available on YouTube and can be shared in blogs like this. If you end up watching it, I'd love to read your comments in the comments section below.


2011 Has Certainly Been The Year of Providence!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 31, 2011

in Blog

Cliff's Prayer JournalHere it is, Saturday, December 31st, 2011. It's the final day of the year and I had decided I that I was going to take it pretty easy until the kids go back to school this coming Tuesday.

When I came down to my studio, a little after 11am today, the only thing I had planned to do was to sit down and answer as many of the 50 or so emails that are sitting in my email inbox. However, before I started on that task, I decided that I would grab my prayer journal and my pen to quickly write to God, thanking Him for how He worked in 2011, “The Year of Providence.”

I sit here at 3pm and I've not responded to a single email. Instead, I spent well over two and a half hours writing eighteen pages of content from my heart as I thought about 2011, The Year of Providence.

About half way through, I realized that I would want to share these thoughts with the gspn.tv community. I wish I had the time to actually go through and type each of these words into actual text so that you could simply read them from this blog post. However, I simply don't have the time to do that at this point. Instead, I took the time necessary to take a photo of each of the eighteen pages with my iPhone, crop them, and turn them into a pdf document that you can download and read if you so desire.

One thing is for sure, for those of you who have been a part of this community for at least a year, you have certainly witnessed all that God has done to bless this Year of Providence. I hope that, if you read this, that you will be just as inspired as I am by all that God had done on our behalf within a single year. It truly is AMAZING!

If you would like to read this entry from my prayer journal, please right-click here to download the pdf document.

How has God provided for you in 2011? What are some of your goals and dreams for 2012? Feel free to leave any comments in the comments section below.

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The Hobbit Movie Trailer

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 21, 2011

in Blog

Unfortunately, I never never read the Hobbit & Lord of The Rings when I was little. However, I did watch the Lord of The Rings movies as they came out and fell in love with them. Stephanie purchased the entire LOTR movie collection with extended scenes for me one year for Christmas.

I simply can't wait for the Hobbit to come out. Just looking at this trailer, I can already tell it's going to be amazing!


Test only for Social Media Serenity

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 15, 2011

in Blog

To understand this post, you'll need to listen to episode 116 of Social Media Serenity.


Putting Some PIZAZZ In The Lunch For Kids!

by Stephanie Ravenscraft on December 9, 2011

in Blog

I had been stuck in a lunch rut for, well since I started packing lunches.

Last Spring our family began to be more conscience of the food we put into our bodies. After watching the first couple of episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season 1 my kids stated that they would never again eat a school lunch.

So we started the lunch packing the only way I know how; sandwich, snack, fruit. Now I would try to make sure there was a protein, dairy and fruit or vegetable, but it soon turned into the same old same old. PB&J, apple and granola bar was the most common because of the cost at the grocery.

Meagan is not a fan of peanut butter or jelly, but she would get PB&N (Peanut Butter Nutella). At first she loved it, saying it's “Like a Reese cup sandwich, Mom”. But one day she announced “My lunch doesn’t have any PIZAZZ.”

That got me to thinking about a cool “new to me” way of doing lunches I had seen a while back. My friend April had tweeted a link to her blog The Fragrant Hand talking about her own sons lunches. In that post, she linked to Wendolonia.com and I was introduced to Bento boxes for the first time.

I fell in love with the idea immediately!! I would look at the pictures she posted over and over and wish I was packing such attractive, creative lunches for my kids.

I tried for a few months to budget some money to start this new idea for lunch packing. Soon after school was out for the summer and the idea was filed away for a later date. At the beginning of the new school year it was easy for me to fall back into what I knew best. It wasn’t until Meagan’s pizazz comment that I even gave bento style lunches another thought.

After much discussion with Cliff we decided that the initial cost for supplies would be an investment in our kids. Each of the kids picked out their own box and they are excited about this new way of packing lunch. And all the ideas we have as to what to pack in them.

So, one day I packed my first bento lunch. Since McKenna is in half day kindergarten she eats lunch at home and packs a small snack for the afternoon. So this is her snack with several option for her to choose.

I really feel we are on the right track. As Meagan was examining her box she said, “I feel healthier already, because of the size. I know only so much food will fit in here.”

We have been using the boxes for months now and aside from some peer pressure feedback, the kids love it, as do I. We are packing healthy meals that are colorful and creative. And I know I am teaching my kids something so young that it took me so long to learn. Food is fuel for your body, but that doesn't’ mean it can’t be fun and attractive at the same time.


Another Example of Why We Do What We Do!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 30, 2011

in Blog

I just received permission, from Erica Sigurdsson, to share the following email with you. This email is one of many examples that I receive in my email inbox each day that reminds me of “Why We Do What We Do” here at gspn.tv.

Before you read the email, let me explain what led to this email. As many of you know, podcasting is our full-time career. During the end of 2007, Stephanie and I agreed that we were being called for me to leave my career in insurance to focus more time and energy on the content and community of gspn.tv. We felt led to create content that is entertaining, educational, encouraging, and inspirational.

At https://gspn.tv/plus, we give folks the opportunity to become a “gspn.tv Community Plus Member.” These are the folks who voluntarily contribute, financially, to support the efforts of creating the content that we create and the building the community that we are building.

Many folks, like Erica, contribute on a monthly basis. In the event that I am notified, by PayPal, that a monthly contribution subscription has been canceled, I send a pre-written message to the Plus Member to see if this was something that they had decided to do or if it was something that was done without their knowledge do to a change in banking information within their PayPal account.

I had sent this pre-written message to Erica, and the following is the email that she sent back to me.

Would you believe that we have received over 100 emails with nearly this same exact message? That folks are living DEBT FREE today as the result of Stephanie and I sharing our journey? I thank God each day for giving us the ability to do something that is having a positive impact in people's lives.

Erica, Congratulations to you and your fiancé! I am so excited that you will be starting off your new life together without the chains of debt wrapped around your necks.

Live Loved! Live Free!


Very Important Announcements
Hey folks, I had to release this very special episode to provide a few very time sensitive announcements. Please take a few moments to have a listen to this brief episode to learn what I've got planned for my trip to the West Coast.

Here is some important information from the announcements that I made.

GSPN LA Meetup
Friday, November 4th at 7pm PST
RSVP at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/lameetup

More details about the location of this event will be posted in the Facebook event once I have them. The meetup will almost certainly be close to the LA Convention Center where BlogWorld is being held.

GSPN – TWiT Meetup
Sunday, November 6th at 2:30pm PST
RSVP at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/twitmeetup

If you are planning to attend this meetup, do be sure that you email [email protected] to make your reservation for the studio audience of This Week In Tech.

Want to attend BlogWorld LA?
If you want to attend BlogWorld LA, you can use my promo code RAVEN20 to save 20% off the cost of the conference.

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The Way – Life Is About The Journey

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 14, 2011

in Blog

I just received an email invitation to a press screening for this movie:

“The Way” is an inspirational story about family, friends, and the challenges of navigating a complicated world. Martin Sheen plays Tom, an American doctor who comes to France to collect the remains of his adult son (played by Emilio Estevez), who died while walking the Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James.

Embarking on the historical pilgrimage to honor his son's memory, Tom meets other pilgrims from around the world: a Dutchman (Yorick van Wageningen), a Canadian (Deborah Kara Unger) and an Irishman (James Nesbitt). Eventually, Tom discovers the difference between “the life we live and the life we choose.”

THE WAY, written and directed by Emilio Estevez, was filmed along the actual Camino de Santiago.

Coming to Select Theaters on October 7th, Nationwide October 21st.
Follow The Way on Facebook and Twitter for more!

I'll be sure to share my thoughts on the movie on both Family From The Heart and Life, Love And The Movies.


Authentic Life Radio To Launch September 15th 2011

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 1, 2011

in Blog

The first episode of Authentic Life Radio has already been recorded. On September 15th, be sure to go over to http://AuthenticLifeRadio.com to find out how you can subscribe to Stephanie and Sarah's new podcast!


Free Movie Preview – The Lamp!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 22, 2011

in Blog

Links mentioned in the video above:
– Family From The Heart interview with Tracy – https://gspn.tv/l0x
– The Lamp FREE MOVIE PREVIEW – https://gspn.tv/thelamp (Password = thelamp2011)
– Life Love & The Movies Podcast – http://LifeLoveAndTheMovies.com


My Wife Looks Younger As She Gets Older!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 11, 2011

in Blog

My wife celebrated another birthday yesterday. However, I think it is amazing that she looks younger today than she did in September 2007. For those of you who think I might just be saying that because she's my wife and I'm trying to earn bonus points, please look at the image below for proof of what I am saying is true!

Stephanie Ravenscraft - Before And After

The Before picture is her Drivers License from September of 2007 and the After picture is her Drivers License from last week, August 2011.

So in the past four years, my wife looks about ten years younger. If you think this is impressive, you should read the blog post she did a while back titled “My Favorite Things About Losing 72 Pounds.” (Link Here)


Video Blog Update – We Have Come So Far!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 30, 2011

in Blog

Hey Folks,

It has been so long since I have recorded and published a video blog update. Well, here's one now:

Update: I think it is important to announce that, a few hours after I had recorded this video and before anyone had seen it, a “very generous” Plus Membership contribution was received in the mail.

This contribution put us back into the position where the contributions since making the decision to make all our content available for free is greater than when we were charging for it.

Stephanie and I are so blessed to be able to do what we do for a living and are so thankful for the support of the content and community of gspn.tv!

Thank you for “Joining The Community!”


When I look at where I am in my journey today and see all the steps that brought me to this place, it is impossible to miss the fact that I am not here by mere chance.

I would like to tell you that, because of what I have witnessed in my life, I am a man of devout faith who puts his complete trust in God. However, this is not fully true.

It amazes me that, after all I've seen and experienced these past few years, that I still feel an overwhelming need to control my future. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

You see, I pay myself once a month. As I am writing this, it is Wednesday, June 15th, 2011. On the first wednesday in July, I will calculate at all the income that my business has generated from June 1st to June 30th. I will sit down and pay all the bills related to running my business. It is my goal, that once the bills for the business are all paid, that I will have enough left over to pay myself a modest income as well as cover the expenses of the taxes that my business must match.

For the past two years, this goal has been met each and every month, without fail. However, in 2008, when I first launched into podcasting, as my full-time career, this was not the case.

What is amazing to me is that even during a year when we had so much financial trouble and hardship, our every need was met. There was always a way when there seemed to be no way. Doors opened, opportunities came along, and in the end, it all just worked out.

I remember the anxiety that I would feel when I would be sitting here, on the 15th of any given month and wonder to myself, how am I going to pay the bills? Somehow, by the end of that month, there was just enough to meet all the needs.

Today, after several years of experiencing God's plan unfold before me, and I am blown away by just how much I still lack trust in His ability to provide for my every need.

You see, it's the 15th of June and if my business didn't earn another penny between now and the end of this month, I would have enough to meet my goal, on the 1st Wednesday in July, to pay all my business expenses and to pay myself my normal monthly paycheck. This is mostly do to the principles of not spending all that I earn and putting money aside for reinvesting in my business.

However, while I already know, with full certainty, that my paycheck for July is 100% covered, I have full confidence that I will generate enough income, over the next fifteen days, to cover my paycheck for my August due to my third Podcasting A to Z online training course that will begin on July 11th.

With the fact that my wife and I are debt-free, outside of our mortgage, and have a significant start on our “Emergency Fund” in our personal savings, I would think that I would praise God and not have any anxiety about the future.

Things really are unbelievably great right now. I've got plans to take my family on an “expenses paid” trip to Disney and then another weekend getaway in the Smokey Mountains that will cost us little to nothing. Certainly no more cost than if we were at home that weekend.

Three years ago, I would like think that I would have been satisfied to know that I am in a place where my business is today, financially. However, here I sit on the 15th of June, 2011 and I find myself tempted to be anxious about where the money for my September paycheck is going to come from.

I still find myself having anxiety about things like anticipated, upcoming, medical and dental costs for our family. While I have made amazing leaps forward in planning more and more margin in my life, I find myself still “wanting to” work, work, and work some more to earn income in advance of these potential future needs.

However, some things have happened in the last thirty six hours that have been a solid reminder to me that God wants me to stop worrying and to have more trust in Him. These past two days have been an amazing reminder to me that God has a plan for me. That I am where I am today because He designed this place for me in my journey. I'm feeling an overwhelming call upon my heart to take time and ENJOY my life, where I am today. To spend more time giving thanks!

In episode 500 of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I talked a bit about these sort of things. I hope, in a future episode of this podcast, to share what has taken place in these past two days. It's nothing short of God's guiding hand, consistently opening up new opportunities and connecting me with other people who seem to be a part of the next few steps of my journey to move me forward in His plan for my life.

It's happened time and time again. I am going about my life and not seemingly doing anything special, but by simply following my heart and my passion, God continues to make all the pieces of the puzzle, known as my life, fit perfectly into place. While I know in my heart that having anxious thoughts are not a required part of the equation for my success, I still struggle with this in my mind.

It is my hope that I will remember this lesson and that for the rest of this day, this week, and this month, that I will be able to simply live and love more!

Psalm 121:1-2 (NIV) I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.


Hunger Games Podcast More Popular Than Oprah!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 10, 2011

in Blog

Update: Friday, June 10th, 2011
Hey folks, I was just notified that our Hunger Games Fan Podcast has just made it into the top ten of Literature Podcasts in iTunes. We have been so excited about the response from our community over this new podcast. It gives us great joy to know that we inspired hundreds of you to read this amazing story!

Hunger Games Top Ten Image

ORIGINAL POST: May 16th, 2011

In all fairness to Oprah, the way that iTunes ranks podcasts is favorable to podcasts that have a great deal of “recent activity.” Many of you know that we just launched the Hunger Games Fan Podcast a few weeks ago. The podcast has only been in iTunes for two weeks now and we have already risen through the charts and have ranked 26th out of all podcasts in the “Literature” category, just barely beating out Oprah's Book Club podcast!

This simply means that within the last several days, our podcast has had more activity than Oprah's, in iTunes. By activity in iTunes, I mean written reviews, ratings from iTunes users (giving a 5 star rating really boosts the ranking), and simply having people actually click the Subscribe Button from within the iTunes Directory itself.

Why would I even care about our ranking for this new podcast? It's because our Entertainment podcasts have always been what has provided the largest amount of exposure to the gspn.tv community and our overall network of content. Our LOST, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Twilight Podcasts together have brought tens of thousands of new subscribers to gspn.tv over the years.

The Hunger Games podcast is on target to do the same. Getting featured in the “Literature” category is a big deal to a podcast devoted to one of hottest new series of books out there. This will change throughout the days, but right now, if someone were to go to the iTunes Store and then browse through the podcast categories looking for Podcasts in the Arts/Literature section, this is what they would see.

The fact that we are so prominently featured in the “New & Noteworthy” section, along with the initial activity of the gspn.tv community is why we have risen to where we are today. The goal, however, is to get iTunes to really take notice of our new show. So much so that they put us in the “Featured – What's Hot” Section. The icon for our show won't be as big. However, being on the the front page for this category of podcasts will be much longer lived than our feature in the “New & Noteworthy.”

So how does iTunes choose who get's in to the featured What's Hot section? It's completely up to them! But I do know that you must have decent artwork and they must see that there is a great deal of general interest in your show.

With all that said, I ask if you have checked out the podcast and like it, please be sure that you are signed into your iTunes account and do one or all of the following three things.

1) Go to the iTunes Page (LINK HERE) and Subscribe to the podcast from iTunes.
2) Click on the number of starts for the rating you think we deserve.
3) Write a sentence or two review of the podcast or our network.

Here's an image that shows where you would click to do the above three things:

If everyone reading this post were to do the above, we would easily rise to the top 10 podcasts in Literature and if we can hold a spot in the top 50 for a week or more, we could very well get featured by our friends at iTunes for this category.

I feel that it is important to stress that the reason for my desire to do this is to bring more people to an awareness of what we have going on here at gspn.tv. It's time to invite more people to “Join The Community.!

Here's a screen grab showing our current standing, as I am writing this post, just above Oprah! Thank you all so much!


BlogWorld NYC Trip Highlights

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 6, 2011

in Blog

Hey folks, I had an amazing time at BlogWorld NYC. Of course, one of my favorite things about the trip was hanging out with folks from the gspn.tv community! Here's a video that shares some of the highlights of my trip with you.

If you are interested, here's a video of my talk from BlogWorld

For those of you who are on the West Coast, I have great news! I am coming to LA! That's right, I'll be speaking at BlogWorld LA in November. I'll post more details about a gspn.tv meetup in LA and also information on how to save money on Expo tickets in the very near future. Here's a video interview I did with CEO & Co-Founder of BlogWorld, Rick Calvert.


Thoughtful Harvest Sauce

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 17, 2011

in Blog

In full disclosure, I want to let you know that I have received the products mentioned in this blog post as a gift my good friend, Chef Keith Snow from ThoughtFulHarvest.com.

I want to point out, however, that Keith has not sent these gifts to us so that we would blog about them or mention them in a podcast. You see, Keith is one of my podcast consulting/coaching clients and he originally sent our family a few sample of his premium pasta sauce as a thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.

We enjoyed the sauces so much that we ended up talking about them on an episode of FamilyFromTheHeart. It's funny, because after we did that, he sent us another batch of sauces as a way to thank us for the mention on our show, something he did not expect.

Well, recently, I had made mention of Chef Keith in an episode of Podcast Answer Man when interviewing my friends Barry & Lynne Morgan about what they had been able to accomplish through podcasting in such a short period fo time.

Just a few weeks after posting that episode, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package that contained two jars of pasta sauce and two packages of organic spice blends. I can't wait to try the spice blends. However, I already know we love the sauces! My favorite is the Sun Dried Tomato & Rosemary and Stephanie's favorite is the Flame Roasted Red Pepper.

Here's a photo of this “Thoughtful Gift!”

So why blog about this? First, this is such an easy way to publicly say thank you to Keith for the gift. It's also a great way to let the gspn.tv community know that another member of our community is following his passion and doing an awesome job at making a living from doing so.

Chef Keith is doing some very cool stuff. If you are interested in learning more about Keith, here are some hand picked links that I'd like to share with you.

Chef Keith's YouTube Channel
Chef Keith's Audio Podcast
Get your own jar of sauce!
Chef Keith on Twitter
Chef Keith on Facebook


Never Got Emails Like This In My Insurance Days

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 16, 2011

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I often tweet about how many emails I receive on a daily basis. Many times, I'm told that I should delegate my email to someone else, to my assistant for instance. However, I could not imagine doing this. Communicating directly with my community and my clients is one of the things that makes me tick. It's a part of who I am.

It's actually all the email interactions that I had on a daily basis that made me want to leave my career in insurance to pursue podcasting full-time. But you might ask, what is it about these emails that is so darn important? The answer is simple! It's the RELATIONSHIPS!

Now, in my 11 years as a property, casualty, life, and health insurance agent, I think I received one “thank you card” from a client who had thanked me for going above and beyond the call of duty, though I did so on a daily basis for those 11 years.

However, in my efforts as a podcaster, I get post cards, greeting cards, hand written letters, and emails on a consistant basis from people who remind me just how important the work that we do with gspn.tv is in the lives of others around the world.

I've been given permission to share the following email that just came in two days ago…

Episode 485 of Pursuing A Balanced Life was titled “The Year of Providence Begins!” This email above is a reminder that God is always looking out for us! After I publish this post, I plan to tell Stephanie that we are going out on a special date, just the two of us!

The Year of God's Providence Continues…. Our lives are so richly blessed by the gspn.tv community! Thank you all so much!


New Business Cards Designed And Ordered!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 14, 2011

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Okay, so on my Podcast Answer Man Blog, I shared that I'm am going to be speaking at BlogWorld And New Media Expo the week of May 23rd. This event is quite simply the biggest networking opportunity that I've been faced within since launching my business and I've been faced with a large number of amazing networking opportunities.

With that said, I've decided that this is the perfect time to upgrade my business cards. You see, my business cards that I have today are still sporting a comic avatar from when I was fifty pounds heavier and sporting the old mustache.

I've since had a new comic avatar made, which I blogged about here, and so I spent some time creating a new business card that would incorporate this new look. Below is what I came up with.

New Podcast Answer Man Business Cards Cliff Ravenscraft

As you can see, I've designed the card to be double sided. On the front, I prominently feature my consulting/coaching work that I do through PodcastAnswerMan.com. I've designed the back of the card to introduce folks to what gspn.tv is all about. I knew that some of you would want to try to read the wording from the back of the card, so I've embedded the image of the back of the card here.

I finished designing this business card at 2 o'clock this morning. I read through it many times, so I hope that you don't find any awful typos that can't simply be overlooked. You see, I need those business cards before I leave for my trip to NYC and I just ordered a box of 1,000 cards from OverNightPrints.com (Affiliate Link). They should be delivered this Wednesday.

So what do you think?


Have You Heard About Twirlr?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 10, 2011

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I have to give credit to my friend, And Traub, for alerting me to this video. I saw him post that this video would be “worth a few minutes of my day.” After watching the video about the announcement of “Twirlr,” I find the statement of it's worth “debatable” but since I've already devoted a little time out of my day to watching this video, I figured I'd share it with you to see what your thoughts are….


Adding This To A Place I’d Like To Visit!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 8, 2011

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Okay, I have just added a new place that I would like to visit one day. If I ever find myself near Hamburg Germany, I will certainly make some time to visit Miniatur Wunderland.

I just learned about this place from a recent post on Mashable.com. This puts the Duke Energy Annual Train Display in Cincinnati to shame.

Check out this video that explains what you would see at Miniatur Wunderland.

The airport mentioned at the end of this video has been completed. Here's the video that shows this impressive model of the airport.