Choose The Life – Revisited

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 6, 2005

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A while back, I did a post titled “Celebrity Deathmatch – Christian Author Edition.” In the post, I had contrasted things written in the book “Wild At Heart” by John Eldridge and what I had read up to that point in the book “Choose The Life” by Bill Hull.
Well, this morning, I noticed that I had a new reader to my site. I was surprised to see a note in my inbox that said that Bill Hull had left a comment on that post. That post actually generated quite a few comments back when it was first written, but none as important as the one that Bill Hull wrote himself in defense of what he was writing about in his book.
Today, I'd like to direct everyone's attention back to the post “Celebrity Deathmatch” to revisit what had already been written and then to read Bill Hull's comment that he left on the site, and the response that I sent back to Bill this morning.
Here's the link to… “Celebrity Deathmatch – Christian Author Edition

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