Cindy Cole Shares About Her Full Time Mom Mug

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 27, 2009

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Dear Cliff and Stephanie,

I have been a plus member for a good while now. I am not sure how long it has been but I think I was plus member #23. I am an avid supporter although a quiet one. I tend to listen more than participate, but I enjoy all the benefits of being a plus member. I even get a recipe from the GSPN forum cookbook once in a while. By the way, the glazed meatloaf is the BEST.

When the Full Time Mom mugs came out I ordered one right away. I was thrilled at how big it actually was when I received it. I used it quite often and when I pulled it out of the dishwasher one day I saw that the handle had been broken off by another glass banging up against it during the washing. I was disappointed that it had broken but I just thought that was that.

Recently I saw you on facebook and twitter saying there were only a few more left so everyone needed to get them while they could. I left some feedback to tell everyone how much I liked mine but I was sad that it broke. You contacted me and told me to send you my address and you would replace my broken one for me!!!! I sent you my address right away and Stephanie went out and mailed the mug to me. I got it THE NEXT DAY!!! I live in a rural area in a very small southern town and couldn't believe that you guys got it to me so quickly. I am thrilled to have my mug back and will have many cups of whatever I want!!

Thank you so much for replacing it for me. This is why I am so glad I joined and continue to support

Cindy Cole
Proud Plus Member #23

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