Day Five with McKenna

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 23, 2005

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Quick Update from the Ravenscraft Household.

On Tuesday, we left the hospital, picked up Meagan and came home to a meal delivered by Christina Pritchett.
On Wednesday, Sarah Rader was kind enough to offer to pick up Meagan and Matthew from our home to take them to school. I left later that morning for a meeting with a few people from Church. Matthew went home with a friend from school and I picked up Meagan in the afternoon. Jeannie McLellan brought us Pappa John's Pizza for dinner (WOW THANKS!!!). Megan Jones, the mother of Matthew's friend from school, dropped Matthew off at our home and also brought a very good Chicken Dish that Stephanie and the kids were able to eat over the past few days.
On Thursday, I took Meagan to school. The Home Health Care Nurse from the hospital came and told us how perfect our new little girl is. The rest of the day, we all just hung out here around the house. That evening, all five Ravenscraft's went to cell group at the Bleier's house.
On Friday, Stephanie and I took both Meagan & Matthew to school. Stephanie, McKenna and I then went to Frisches' for breakfast. We then went and rented a movie (Ocean's Twelve), that wasn't really as good as we had hoped. We then went to pick up Matthew from School and Meagan had gone to spend the night for her very first Sleep-Over with a friend (Morgan Pond) THANKS SO MUCH CHARLIE & ANNE MARIE!!! Friday evening, Denise & Kayleigh Blaney brought by a great big Lasanga with some garlic bread and a large pan of brownies. (Stephanie is loving the brownies). We really thank Denise for this dinner as she had just done snacks for our cell group the night before. We knew that we couldn't eat all the lasanga ourselves, so we invited our neighbors, Bryan & Rachael Griffin, over to eat dinner with us. The the four of us played two games of POKER while Matthew played with their son, Jacob. McKenna is already really good at POKER!!!
So here we are today, Saturday, April 23rd, at 12:18pm. Charlie Pond just called to see if 2pm was a good time to rondevu for Meagan pickup. Stephanie and Matthew are already dressed and ready to go and I am going in to get ready now so that we can go and have lunch before picking Megan up at the Mall. I'm not sure who is bringing dinner tonight, but I can't tell just how much everyone's help has meant to Stephanie and I. Having a new baby has never been this easy.
McKenna is doing fabulous. She has slept through the night every night this week! She doesn't cry too much and is very content while awake. She's just so beautiful we are beside ourselves with joy. I'm trying not to think about Monday and going back to work, but in the back of my mind, I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I truly am blessed by God with a GREAT JOB that has allowed me the priviledge of spending the entire first week of my little baby's new life with her & WITH PAY!
Thanks for reading and Every Thing Else!
In Christ,
Cliff & Stephanie & the rest of the five Ravenscraft's!

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