Disney Vacation 2006

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 29, 2006

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We're back! Our family just returned from a terrific trip to Walt Disney World. After a week in the very hot humid state of Florida, it feels SOOOOOO good to be back home here in NORTHERN Kentucky.
Of course my grass didn't stop growing while I was away, but it is quite green. This means that either my neighbor watered my lawn while I was gone or it rained quite a bit here in the past week. This is good as the last time we went away for a week, I came back to a dead, brown, front yard.
Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in hearing about our trip or not. Okay, well that's not true, I know that at least 160 people are interested because they have already downloaded the podcast that we did while we were in Florida called “Disney Part 1.” We have recently uploaded two more podcasts devoted to our Disney trip. “Disney Part 2” is simply a short update much like part 1 was. However, “Disney Part 3” is an overview of the whole trip from our perspective after arriving at home last night and putting the kids to bed.
You can hear more about our trip, if you are interested, on our “My Crazy Life Podcast.”
Also, I met a few Brazillian guys and another man from the UK in Disney's MGM Theme Park. If you guys are reading this, you can CLICK HERE for the Weekly Lost Podcast we do.

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