134 EOTC – Feeling Called Back To The Scriptures

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 9, 2015

in Encouraging Others Through Christ, Encouraging Others Through Christ

It has been another year since I've recorded an episode of Encouraging Others Through Christ. As I've said before, I only create new episodes of this podcast as I feel led to do so.

Recently, I've felt led to get back into reading the scriptures more frequently. However, when I started to think about doing so, I started to question much of what I was taught about what “The Bible” is.

The Jesus Lens
im_03Several years ago, I went through some meterials about the scriptures put out by my friend, Wayne Jacobsen, called The Jesus Lens. I recall just how much it opened my eyes to looking at the scriptures from a whole different perspective.

At the time, I had decided to take some time away from reading the Bible. This is explained in this episode of EOTC as I share a conversation I had with Wayne Jacobsen about some of the thoughts that have been going through my mind as I have felt led to return to a love for the scriptures.

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