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by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 21, 2005

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I'm totally addicted to good podcasts now. Recently, I learned that Mosaic Church now does a podcast of Erwin McManus' sermons. I'd never heard of Erwin before last year's Catalyst Conference. However he was a speaker last year and also this year. Each time I heard him speak, I really impressed with his ability to communicate. I was excited to hear about this podcast being available.
I'm 13 minutes into a sermon titled “Extraordinary Insight” and I just had to pause it and come and post this quote. Erwin has just stated that “God is not trying to control your life…. God longs to shape your heart.” WOW! This goes with what I have been sharing with people for quite some time now.
I've heard so many people say, I'm just seeking God's will for me in this decision. For example, should I move to another state and take this job? If it's God's will for me, He will simply close doors here and open doors there. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say these types of things…
I've never had any scripture to back up my theory.. But I've shared from my heart that I believe God leaves the decision up to us. His will is not so much to control our next move on this earth, but His will is to transform HOW we make our decisions, to TRANSFORM our priorities. When someone asks me, do you think I should move? I say… What is it that God has laid on your heart for you to do? What priorities has he laid on your heart? What principles and values have you learned from Him? The question should more be… Do you think that you can accomplish these things that God has laid on your heart more here, or there?
I've also been known to state that there may be no “wrong decision” in should you move or not. The decision is yours to make and God will be with you and wortk through your life if you allow him, no matter if you choose to stay or to go. Even if you make a decision that simply tuns out to be a very “un-wise,” bad decision on many levels….. God will still be there to help you each and ever step of the way in this journey of life that you are on.
WOW! I've never heard anyone preach this before… But this statement from Erwin McManus reinforces what I've been sharing with people…. “God isn't trying to control your life… God longs to shape your heart!”

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