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by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 22, 2012

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Back in episode 232 of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I shared the story of one of the worst date nights that we had ever experienced. It is with great joy that we share this special episode of Family From The Heart where we share our best date night ever!

Stephanie and I were invited by my friend, Dr. Lee C. Camp, to attend his most recent Tokens Show event held at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. I encourage you to click on the play button above and have a listen to this episode for all the details about why this was such a great experience.

I have embedded a slideshow of just a few of the photos I took while we attended both the rehearsal and the show itself.

What is Tokens?
From The Tokens Website: Lee C. Camp, professor of theology & ethics at Lipscomb University, had been wondering for some years how the song-writers could get at poignant and important questions in a three minute song, while the theologians required hundreds of pages, and often not nearly so provocatively. So the question: how to let traditional theological inquiry be informed by and be in conversation with good music and song-writing and folk-tales? No answer was forthcoming for some years – at least no answer that promised not to ruin both elements.

Then when Lee and his wife Laura, long-time listeners to Garrison Keillor, went to Garrison’s show at the Ryman on New Year’s Eve 2006, the “crazy idea” that became Tokens hit Lee and would not leave him alone: what about the old-time radio format, with some sort of under-stated but explicit and coherent theological agenda?

You can read the rest of this “about statement” on the Tokens About Page.

Brother Preacher
One of my favorite things about attending a Tokens show is the “Brother Preacher” bits. There's something that is so funny about when jokes that are clearly meant to be an over exaggerated joke, but they are simply so close to the truth, that makes them even funnier. I've embedded a few videos from the Tokens YouTube Channel and a Brother Preacher YouTube Channel for you to see what I'm talking about.

Unique Thanksgiving Song
The video below is actually from the show that we attended this past weekend. I can't wait for the whole show to be available for purchase. It was fantastic!

The Dispatches From The Buckle Podcast
I met Dr. Lee C. Camp through my good friend, Dan Miller. Dan had suggested that Lee contact me about potentially releasing some of the material from his Tokens events in an audio podcast to reach a wider audience for the show. Lee and I talked and he went through my July 2012 Podcasting A to Z course earlier this year.

The Tokens Podcast, Dispatches From The Buckle, instantly became one of my favorite podcasts and I highly encourage everyone to check it out on their website or subscribe via iTunes.

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