332 FFTH – You Asked – We Answered

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 1, 2015

in Family From The Heart


In this episode, we talked about the movie “Aloha” and answered several questions submitted by the community. Below are a list of questions addressed in this episode:

1) What advice would you give to someone who desires to be physically active several days a week but hasn't found the motivation to stick to it?

2) Is building muscle more important than burning fat?

3) How do you support each other when it comes to rest?

4) How do you handle disagreements when your children are present?

5) Do you think you'll ever record an episode of FFTH while out one a walk like you do with the PABL podcast?

6) How do you manage to have hobbies and goals outside of work and family?

7) With all the projects you're involved with and travel what do you do to help your kids know how important they are to you? What's your weekly rhythm with them?

8) I would love to ask if you would ever consider a Stephanie ‘100% Unfiltered' episode?

9) If you could go back and talk to your younger newly wed selves, what advice would you give them?

10) Would Stephanie ever consider doing another podcast like Full Time Mom or Authentic Life Radio? I miss hearing another stay at home mom's point of view on things.

11) Will you two ever finish the fan podcast of Hunger Games?


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