333 FFTH – We Have A New Favorite Movie

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 9, 2015

in Family From The Heart


In this episode of Family From The Heart, we were all over the place when it comes to the type of things discussed.

– At the open of the show, we answered a few questions related to our health and fitness pursuits.

– Stephanie talked about her love for the new television show called Quanitco.

– We both discussed our thoughts about the movie “The Intern” and how it has already became a new movie favorite for us.

– We briefly discussed the new version of Twilight written for the 10th anniversary celebration of the book series. We also reminded folks that we have a Twilight Saga Podcast.

Other questions that we answered from our community include the following:

– Ica wrote… “I know that you and Stephenie followed Dave Ramsey's baby steps to get debt free and build an emergency fund. Can I ask how long it took you to get out of debt? Also, did your family ever call into his show to do a debt-free scream?”

– Richard wrote… “Kids and money: How do you to transition them from parents money to their own money.”

– Maggie wrote… “Hey Steph and Cliff, I'm behind on listening to podcasts. Do either of you have any plans to read the outlander series? 8 books so far. Really good stuff. A great universe and characters. I am obsessed and reading the books for a second time. I read all 8 on a year. Byebye (said like I usually do on voicemails)”

– Elaina wrote… “I love your show, and I'd love to hear what books Stephanie has been reading. I read Redeeming Love at your suggestion and I ended up re-reading it as soon as I finished because it was so good! Thanks!”

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