334 FFTH – When The Boys Come Calling

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 17, 2015

in Family From The Heart


In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I covered the following topics:

– Cliff's thoughts on the first 13 chapters of “Life & Death,” the 10th anniversary edition of Twilight retold with the genders reversed.

– Awesome feedback from Ursula who shared how much Stephanie and I have influenced her life over the past year and a half.

– Caryl asked, “How much water do you drink in a day?”

– Marc asked, “How will you dress for Halloween?”

– Sovann asked, “What parenting / marriage books inspire you?”

– We mentioned the book titled, “The Five Love Languages.”

– Jeremy asked, “When is it a good time for the boys to come calling?”

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