335 FFTH – I’m Going To Take Your Phone

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 22, 2015

in Family From The Heart


In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I answered the following questions from our community.

– Have we been back to see the doctor since we started working out?

– How do we communicate to our kids about our business?

– How do we involve our kids in our business?

– Did Cliff stop riding his bike?

– Do you have more or less energy after cutting back on your calorie intake?

– Who inspires us in family and relationships?

– Has Fall weather started in our area?

– Do you kids accept your dietary changes?

– Is Cliff still avoiding diet coke/soda?

Stephanie also talked about a great weekend that she had with Meagan and Matthew on a trip to Lexington this past weekend.

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