338 FFTH – Bible Soap?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 12, 2015

in Family From The Heart


In this week's episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I talk about the following topics:

– Cliff's invitation to speak in New Zealand.
– Chris Tomlin & Rend Collective concert.
– A fun Stephanie rant.
– Life In Pieces tv show.
– Paradise Donuts.

We also answered the following questions that came in from the community:

– Have you and Stephanie ever considered a group exercise cardio class like zumba or spinning?

– Why does Stephanie drive your kids everywhere? Do you have a bad public transport system? (I don’t have a car and live in a friendly public transport country, so I was just wondering)

– I am from Germany. With great interest, I listened to your adventures in Europe. I, myself have been living in Amsterdam for more than a year. Now I live in Nurenberg with my family. Are you and your children ever planning to visit Europe again? Would you ever consider a visit to Germany? I would love to learn of your reasons either way.

– Have you ever taken a traditional yoga class to help calm your mind (if you need that)? I find yoga to be a wonderful exercised to calm the mind and build strength and flexibility.

– What one non-fiction book would you recommend people read to take their life to the next level?

– Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who – Discuss.

– Why doesn’t your family have any pets?

– What type of food supplements are you taking on a regular basis?

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