346 FFTH – Let’s Do This

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 21, 2016

in Family From The Heart


I think we have done it! I believe that Stephanie and I have found the right format to bring the magic back to the Family From The Heart podcast.

In this episode, I came up with some questions to use as conversation starters and the results were great. I'm very excited about how this episode turned out.

Here are the questions that we covered this week:

1) Downton Abbey: We both agree that this is the single best television series that we have ever watched. What is it about the show that you found so compelling (without giving spoilers to anyone who hasn't seen any of the show yet).

2) What does success mean to you?

3) What do you think our life will look like when the kids are grown and it's just us?

4) In what way would you like to grow this year?

5) What image of God do you want our kids to have when they grow up?

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