395 – Back to School

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 16, 2017

in Family From The Heart

We are back after our Summer hiatus! Below are a list of topics covered in this week's episode.

– We are back, but next week, Cliff is out of town for a business trip. The next episode will be Wednesday August 30th.

– We are going to be broadcasting live on Facebook while recording Family From The Heart on Wednesdays. The live stream will be hosted via Cliff's Facebook profile at http://Facebook.com/CliffRavenscraft.

– Cliff is VLOGGING. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

The VLOG Featuring Stephanie's Birthday Surprise.

The VLOG featuring Q&A with Cliff & Stephanie (Tattoo Story).

The VLOG featuring Meagan.

The Family Organizer/Calendar App.

– Celebrating 21 years!

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