521 PABL – Why I Love The Fitbit Ultra

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 12, 2012

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I recently fell in love with the Fitbit! My wife has had one of these for quite some time. However, I've just discovered, for myself, just how motivating it is to have one of these little devices.

I was so excited by the motivation that this gadget has provided that I decided to grab my audio recorder and I recorded an episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life to talk about why I love the Fitbit. You can listen to what I had to share by clicking the play button found at the very top of this post.

I recorded this episode two days ago. Since then, the excitement and motivation has spread, like wildfire, through to our whole family. So far, Stephanie, Megan, Matthew, and myself have our Fitbits and we are all finding ourselves going way out of our way to achieve the daily activity goals that we have set for ourselves. As you might suspect, McKenna is now begging to have a Fitbit of her own. There is a good chance that she will have one before the end of this week.

If you are not familiar with what a Fitbit is, have a listen to the audio that I recorded for this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life and then check out the following video:

I can't speak highly enough of this device. The cool thing is that I was able to set up our Withings Scale so that it automatically updates our individual weight records with FitBit each time we step on to the scale.

You can get your own Fitbit from a number of different places. However, if you were to use out affiliate link with FitBit's Website, we would earn a commission from your purchase. Either way, if you get one of these devices, I hope you enjoy it as much as our family does!

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