570 PABL – My Methods For Physical Fitness & Losing Weight

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 16, 2014

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Yesterday, I created a facebook post, sharing the image shown below. This image is a screen capture from the LoseIt App on my iPhone. The text that I posted with this image simply stated… “Got on the scale today. I’ve lost 16 pounds since November 1st. #PABL”

300Within 24 hours, the post had well over 130 likes and 50 comments. I created this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life (Click Play Button Above To Listen Now) directly as a result of a question that Chris Brogan asked. His question… “That's awesome, Cliff. Have you written anywhere about what you do with that or your methods?”

That got me to thinking. You know, I haven't produced an up to date resource that I can easily point people to to give them a solid overview of what I am doing and the results that I am getting based upon my methods for physical fitness and losing weight.

This podcast episode is a lengthy 57 minutes and 17 seconds. However, in it, you will learn how I dropped from 268 pounds down to 212 pounds from mid 2009 through 2010. (Note: I looked it up after I recorded this and 212 was the actual lowest I had got down to in 2010 for a total of 56 pounds that I lost over an 18 month period of time.)

I authentically share how I allowed other priorities in my life to derail my focus on my health and physical fitness and why, over the course of three years, ended up gaining all of my weight back. Most importantly, I share the steps that I took to ease myself back into the habits that had positively changed my life in the past and how I am approaching my health and physical fitness journey now and moving forward.

I hope that you find this podcast episode inspirational and motivational in your own pursuit of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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