Great Exuma-Day Three

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 27, 2005

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Welome to all the Great Exuma Bahamians. As I was taking pictures here on Great Exuma, I told several folks about my blog and gave them my business card which has my personal website address. I told them that if they were interested to see what I posted about my vacatoin, to come check it out. By the end of today, I had residents of the island coming to me asking for my business card. So I believe I'm about to get a whole new crowd of visitors to my site. So to you I say Welcome. Feel free to browse around at some of my older posts. Also, if you would be willing to leave me a comment, I would really appreciate it.
So for those of you who are are here to see a slideshow of all the great photos I took today… Please CLICK HERE!!!

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