Weekly Round Up 9/10/09

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 9, 2009

in The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast

Moocow AvatarHi GSPN Fans! Here I am again with the weekly round up for you. Right now in upstate NY it feels like fall, and besides all the fun “fall activities” to look forward to (apple picking and pumpkin picking, to name a few), I'm looking forward to many tv shows coming back for a new season, as I'm sure many of you are – just a few more weeks to wait! (However we “Lost fans” still have a whole lot longer to wait! *Wah*!)

Right now, here's what rolled out on the GSPN feed in the last week – go get 'em while they're hot:

+ denotes podcast released for Plus Members only

Almost Daily Devotional 138 – An Original Masterpiece

This is not at all what I expected, even after Cliff gave it an introduction – wow, it just pulled my heart wide open! There I was, getting all misty-eyed on the lawnmower… :-P

+Help iGot a Mac 088 – Snow Leopard Problems

In This Episode:
* Several Programs are not working with Snow Leopard
* Is it possible to reset Auto Fill Password Options in Safari?
* Is it possible to sell your existing 3G on Ebay? How much?

Weekly Lost Podcast 223 – Flashbacks Part 5

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie go back into the archives and share commentary regarding things that were said back in Episode 007 of the Weekly Lost Podcast that covered “Fire + Water.”

And hey – did you know Stephanie is related to “Zeke”?  Really! Listen and see for yourself!  :-D

Pursuing a Balanced Life 431 – How Do I Define Success?

In this episode, Cliff didn’t have a lot prepared ahead of time. He simply knew that he wanted to talk about the topic of how he defines what success is for him. As Cliff seeks more balance in his life, he finds that the definition changes. The amazing thing is that Cliff truly believes that he can be successful each and every day of his life. Success is not a destination, it’s a way of living.

This podcast was very encouraging to me – some days my accomplishments seem to only consist of very mundane things like finishing the laundry and cooking dinner, but I can still feel like a “success” knowing that I am blessing others with my work, and I am pleasing God.  Success can come in many forms – our criteria for “success” is not always the same criteria God is using.

Family From the Heart 074 – The Sex Talk

In this episode, Stephanie and Cliff share some thoughts about talking to the children about sex.

Books They Discussed:
Preparing Your Daughter For Every Woman’s Battle
Preparing Your Son For Every Man’s Battle

Almost Daily Devotional – 139 Leaving it All Behind

+Full Time Mom 098 -We Are Worth So Much

Business Tech Weekly 001 – The Importance of Domain Names

In this episode, Andy Traub and Cliff Ravenscraft discuss some of the following items.

* The Importance of the domain name for branding your business.
* Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at can be viewed as (Note: This site no longer exists).
* Does your domain name communicates professionalism?
* Where do we buy our domains?
* GoDaddy – Price has gone up but coupons are always available via Google, Price is currently $10.69 for .com domains. Coupons are easy to find. Sometimes they run coupons for renewals as well
* What domain extensions should I purchase? Andy suggests your personal name in .com/.net/.org. Your business’ name. Your family’s names.

….and LOTS more!

Watermark Sermon 9/6/09 – I Believe in God, But I Don't Fear Him

And that’s a wrap for last week!

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So, besides apple and pumpkin picking I'm also looking forward to cozy sweaters, crunching leaves, cooking in my crockpot (I'm actually going to break it out this week and make my ‘ol standby – cut up beef, dry onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup served over egg noodles – mmm!!), cups of hot tea in the evening, the smell of dry leaves baking in the sun and the end of mowing the lawn.  What do YOU like about fall?  Leave me a comment and tell me!

See you next week! Carole

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