Home is so much nicer!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 19, 2005

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Wow! It is just sooooooo nice to be back home. Those little chair/bed things they put in the room for the husbands to sleep in are horrible (Hey Dave Jamieson, bring yourself about two pillows!!!)
Stephanie and McKenna are doing awesome! Meagan and Matthew are really in love with their little sister.
We want to thank Christina Pritchett for bringing us dinner tonight. The chick, potato logs, and green beans really hit the spot for all of us!
Special thanks to Patrick Lewis for stopping by as well. Thanks for your friendship over the years and for your prayer of blessing for our family tonight!
Also, special thanks to Dave & Sarah Jamieson, Jeff Miller, and Jamie Sanders for stopping by tonight on the way to a Reds Game. I hope you guys have a great night and that they win!
All THREE of my children are sleeping right now and Stephanie took a nap with McKenna earlier and is not really tired and I am so tired that I can't actually go to bed.
Really though, things couldn't be better. We are just so happy to not be in the hospital tonight!

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