Important Podcast Announcement!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 18, 2006

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As if you didn't already hear enough of Cliff's ramblings, now there will be even more content for you to subscribe and listen to. I've launched the Generally Speaking Podcast Network that can be accessed by going to This will direct you to our splash screen which gives you the option of three podcasts to choose from.
The Weekly Lost Podcast edition of Generally Speaking will continue to be available as usual on a weekly basis! The only change is that show notes will no longer be here directly on the blog, instead, they will appear on the webpage devoted to the Lost show.
The My Crazy Life edition of Generally Speaking is my newest show. This will be a show where I will talk about whatever is on my mind, sharing just bits and pieces from my life. I'm sure that a format for the show will emerge as I get it going. It could come out as often as daily, just depending on how crazy my life is each week.
The Generally Speaking About The Church edition will be a show devoted to ministry, more specifically, my area of involvement which is in the leadership of small groups, or cell groups as we call them. The web page is up for this show, yet I haven't recorded an introduction episode and therefore, I have not set up the rss feed and Itunes page. I'll make an announcement when you are able to subscribe to this show.
Very Exciting stuff!

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