In The Bahamas!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 26, 2005

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Hello everyone!
Stephanie, McKenna, and I are in the Bahamas. The Great Exuma Island to be exact. We are staying at the Four Seasons Resort. We are having such a great time already and we haven't even been here a full 24 hours yet.
Stephanie is in the SPA getting a “Sweetish Message”…

This form of massage is effective in relieving muscle soreness, releasing tension and creating an overall feeling of relaxation. Mango, jasmine, lemongrass-lime and sugar-apple signature oils are available to suit your needs. A therapist applies your chosen oil using moderate pressure and long, gliding strokes to soothe body and mind.

When Stephanie gets back from the SPA, the three of us are going to explore the beach here before I leave at 4pm to go “Sea Kayaking in Moriah Cay National Park”…

Be among the first to see The Bahamas' spectacular new National Park in Moriah Harbour before its official opening. This is truly a paradise with dozens of hauntingly beautifully white sand beaches; perfect kayaking conditions; swaying casuarina trees; multicoloured, crystal clear waters; and a wide variety of Marine life. This trip offers the chance of a lifetime to see a future National Park before it is discovered by anyone else.

Today is only Sunday and we have so much more planned between now and when we leave Thursday afternoon. Check back soon to see pictures. I'm taking a lot of them and will be posting them soon!
Until then, you can see the SLIDESHOW put together by our Grange Life Travel Agency. This is one of the few times where the destination actually lives up to the “promotional” photos. In many ways, these photos don't even capture the full beauty of what we are experiencing here. What an awesome God!

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